Welcome gentlemen. My name is Scarlett Satania, but you can call me Lady Scarlett. You might think I’m sweet and warm at first, but you’ll soon realize who you’re dealing with. I have a deep understanding of psychology, having studied it for many years. I know all sorts of devious ways to get under your skin.

When I was a child I loved to play with my male classmates. I loved to do homework with them and play the role of their “teacher.” I loved to educate them, observe their behavior, and write their grades in a special journal. If they failed, I took satisfaction in punishing them. It didn’t stop there. I enjoyed playing a variety of roles with my friends, like being doctor or a nurse and exploring their bodies.

My first vivid experience of my desire to dominate happened when I was ten. I enjoyed company of well behaved, humble boys. I loved to tease them, and play with their sexual energy without having sex. I was thrilled by the the process and their frustrated emotions. If they misbehaved, I would punish them in both private and in public. All for my pleasure.

When I reached 20 years old, I finally realized that I was a Domme. I knew it. Frustration and desperation amuses and satisfies me.

I enjoy the process of teasing, with intense eye contact, and softly touching my slave’s skin with my nails. I keep my slaves wrapped around my finger. I know when he’s excited, frustrated, and desperate; when he’s scared of what’s coming next.

You had better spoil me or else you’ll be punished. My power thrives when I’m being rewarded. I have a natural talent for teasing and an excellent sense of timing. I will keep you on your toes.